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"This is either the saddest thing ever if everyone died cause you played terribly, or evidence of being evil if you got everyone killed intentionally.

I played as an engineer that did the latter. Romanced Ashley in ME1. Shot Wrex myself on Virmire. Got Cpt. Kirrahe killed. Told Garrus he can't come on the mission. Killed the Rachni Queen on Noveria. Killed the council and installed the all human one. Even my psycho engineer isn't crazy enough to install Udina tho, Anderson got the chairmanship.

In ME2 I got even worse. If there was a cutscene where I could kill someone (like the Batarians in the plague zone on Omega), I killed em. Did everyone's loyalty mission except Jacob's. Sold Legion to Cerberus. Killed Samara and recruited Morinth. Deleted Maelon's genophage data. After the crew got kidnapped I screwed around and did a bunch of meaningless missions. The only upgrade for the Normandy I got was the armor.

When I got to the suicide mission, Kasumi and Thane were killed before even landing due to no shields or gun. I sent Garrus into the shaft and had a disloyal Tali (gave the Admirals the evidence at her trial) and Garrus got killed. When I got to the pods, the only one left alive was Dr. Chakwas. I didn't give her an escort back to the ship so she died. I had Miranda put up the shield on the long walk and took Morinth and Zaeed with me. Zaeed got carried off and killed by seeker swarms. I had a disloyal Jacob leading the fire team. He got killed. For the final battle I took Morinth and Jack with me, both loyal. The door was guarded by a disloyal Miranda (sided with Jack in their argument), disloyal Tali, and a loyal Mordin. I blew up the base. The Normandy flew away from the Collector Base crewed by a psycho Engineer, a crazy Salarian, the Psychotic Biotic (who by the way my engineer romanced), a murderous Ardat-Yakshi, and a crippled pilot.

Mass Effect 3 got even worse. Treat Ashley, my ex from ME1, like crap all through Mars I didn't do Grissom Academy, meaning Jack got captured and indoctrinated by Cerberus. Never visited Ashley in the hospital. When I went to investigate the Rachni I saved The Breeder and got all the Krogan killed. She turned on us and killed a bunch of engineers working on the crucible. I saved the Turian squad going after the bomb but I let the bomb blow up. I took the deal with the Salarian Dalatras meaning the Wreave and his imperialistic hoarde got the fake genophage cure. Eve died because no genophage data. In my engineers one moment of camaraderie, he talked Mordin out of sacrificing himself for the cure and got him to go work on the crucible. Why? Because us insane engineers gotta stick together, man!

Later on when it's time for the coup by Cerberus, no Thane or Kirrahe means the Salarian councilor bought it. Udina framed me and Ashley bought it because I'd been such a dick to her. Had to put her down. Then I put Udina down. Ashley told me to go to hell. My engineer hated Tennyson anyway.

Got to Rannoch and ultimately sided with the Geth. They were nicer to me than the Quarians. Their fleet sure burned up pretty. Did not find any war assets scouting around. Didn't do any side missions. Did not get Javik or do any of the DLC missions. My squadmate choices were limited to EDI, Liara, and James.

When i invaded Cerberus HQ I got to meet Jack as a Cerberus Phantom and had to kill my ex from ME2. I had to blow up Legion too. When I got to Earth I brought all of 1400 war assets with me, meaning the fleet got its ass handed to it and the crucible took one hell of a beating. Cortez got killed cause I never talked to him on the Normandy. I had to kill Morinth because she got turned into a Banshee. I brought Liara and James with me on the final mission and Harbinger vaporized them. When I got up to the Citadel the Catalyst was kinda pissed at me, and all I could do was take the destroy option. Earth got toasted. The Geth got wiped out. EDI died. The relays blew up. The Normanday crashed and no one got out. Most technology in the galaxy got fried along with most life.

My engineer was a monster, man.

Casualty list:
ME1: The entire Rachni race, Wrex, Cpt. Kirrahe, Kaidan, The Council
ME2: Samara, Kasumi, Thane, Garrus, the entire Normandy crew including Dr. Chakwas, Zaeed, Jacob, Miranda, Tali, 300,000 Batarian colonists, a bunch of other random nobodies in assorted missions.
ME3: Eve, the Salarian councilor, Ashley, the entire Quarian race, Jack, Legion, Morinth, Cortez, Liara, James, the entire Geth race, EDI, the Krogan doomed to extinction, Planet Earth, most life in the galaxy and all synthetics, the Normandy crew (again!), The Illusive Man.

Mordin Solus."


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